3 things you didn’t know about car rentals

There is a lot of money to be made in the Car Rental Industry. However their is a lot of competition and understanding the ins and outs of the business will help you get the best deals.

Things you didn’t know about rentals

  1. Book your rentals in advance will ALWAYS save you money! its pretty much just the same as hotel reservations, booking your car hire in advance will allow the agency to get ready and prepare for you. So if they know they have 10 car hires in Glasgow they might distribute their fleet of cars to be more effective and shuffle them around their locations that they work in. This will lead to cheaper rates for you!
  2. IF the rates sound a bit too good to be true, then they most likely are! Keep in mind that car hire will always be promoted in a way that makes it sound better. There are hidden fees and taxes that all companies have to charge, like road taxes or airport fees.
  3. Make sure you look over the vehicle before you leave the Car hire Lot! or you’re going to regret it! You will be liable for any damage to the vehicle while it is in your possession. If the agency does not have a record of the damages, scratches or any problems with the vehicle before your rental period begins then you could be charged for them.

Car hire can be a brilliant way to travel! especially now that you can get more one way travel with some car hire companies. Just be careful and plan before you leave!


Benefits of self driven holidays

So are you planning your car hire holiday? heres the benefits of a self driven holiday:-
  • you’ll get to decide the pace of the holiday.
  • It doesn’t matter the type of car you choose you’ll have the freedom and flexibility to get to places on your own time. Want to stop and take some photos along the way? well do it and spend as much time there as you want.
  • You get to enjoy the comfort of having your own space and privacy.
  • Most car hire companies have specialists who can help and advise you.
  • They will be able to give you detailed notes of these trips, give you directions, distances and other information you’ll need to know.
  • Most cars come with a road map just incase.
  • Lots of hire cars also come with chargers for your phones now too.

Tips for a self drive holiday

Make sure the country your traveling to is safe and check and see if you can get information on the road network beforehand too.

Heres some tips you should consider before going

  • Obey the speed restrictions. Always! they very from country to country too so double check. Do not get caught speeding but if you do never try and bribe the police.
  • Make sure you know about the traffic regulations in the country you will be driving in.
  • The journey can sometimes be just as interesting as your final destination so enjoy the journey. Remember its an adventure. Enjoy the scenery.

Lastly Consider the type of car you choose for your journey, if you plan on going off road at all remember most companies won’t insure you for it. If you find yourself travelling on a bad road at all not the following:-

  • Reduce speed and take your time.
  • Don’t drive too close to the edge of gravel roads.
  • Don’t drive to near the car in front, especially if its a dusty road and its not as visible.
  • Make sure you know how to change the wheel.
  • Ensure you have plenty of food and water
  • Keep a medical kit in your car
  • Make sure someone knows your expected time of arrival and when you leave.
  • Know what to do if you get stuck.

If you haven’t booked your car hire yet, don’t get caught out spending too much. Have a look at some of these ways to save when hiring with Europcar that will help a lot when looking for the ideal motor.


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