Watch out for One Way Travel deals!

How would you like to get a deal from as little as a £1 a day? Sounds too good to be true right? How can the car hire company make any money? Well heres how…

Car hire companies usually have a very big fleet of vehicles. They also tend to work in lots of locations around the world and sometimes run into problems. What happens is they end up with a lot of cars in one location and not enough in others. Which means you could be hiring a car in Edinburgh in a service that has no available cars and they need to ship a car up from their Liverpool branch to accommodate you. They now only have two options to fix this problem – They can either pay a driver or car hauler to move the vehicles or they can set the rates so low that the renters actually transport the car. Thats where you come in.

Car companies tend to run into this problem naturally with the one way model but things like weather conditions etc cause problems too. even large car rental companies can run into this problem. A few years ago Hertz was faced with this very same dilemma. Adverse weather conditions caused a number of vehicles to be displaced and Hertz decided to run a deal to help return the cars to their original services.

Europcar are currently running a deal on this! A small number of people in then UK will be able to get deals on car rental for as low as £1 a day. You will need to be fast though because delas like this never last for very long.

You may encounter a few problems of your own if you are one of the few who manage to pick up on it. Typically these deals don’t actually state what type of car you’re getting. So if you’re trying to pack a family of four in with suitcases and end up with a tiny car its going to be a tight journey! SO the only advice we can give you is use your common sense. If you are planning on taking a family of 5 on a cross country adventure then your chances may be slim but if you and your partner are going to visit relatives in the Lake District them chances are you may be able to take advantage of offers like this. Keep an eye out of car rental services. You just need to sort your own travel on the return journey. I don’t think anyone has been lucky enough to land a deal like this for both ways.

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