The Best Scottish Islands to Visit

The Scottish mainland is incredible but if you want to experience something completely different you should take a trip to some of the Scottish Isles. They are filled with amazing sight to be hold and filled with the friendliest people on earth. If having a dram and a chat is your thing after taking in some stunning natural beauty then take our advice and visit one of these Scottish Islands.


There are eight distilleries in total on Islay so if you are a fan of whiskey you should book yourself on a boot as soon as possible. This is a really relaxed island with many single track roads so when travelling bare that in mind. There are over 20 beaches on the island which include the Big Strand on Laggan Bay.


A little known fact about Jura is that George Orwell wrote 1984 in a remote croft house on the Isle of Jura. Jura boasts some of the most rugged landscapes in the UK.It is teaming with wildlife such as stags, otters and even golden eagles. If you are looking for peace and quite then Jura is the Isle for you. There are fewer than 200 people living here.


You could mistake the golden sandy beaches of Harris for a tropical Island. Harris sits on the outer Hebrides and as far as coastlines go there is nothing simlar to the beaches Harris has in the rest of the UK.






Arran sites on the west coast of Scotland and is filled with things to do. Goatfell is one of the highest peaks in Scotland and it stands at 2866 feet. This is well worth taking a wander up to catch a glimpse of the beautiful island and its surrounding coast. The local food on Arran is outstanding with their own brewery, distilleries, cheeses, jams and sweet Arran is a destination that you must visit if you are in Scotland. It is arguably the easiest island on this list to reach and is just an hours boat journey away from Ardrossan.


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